Technology Services

With both an internal team and its own far-reaching relationships with top-tier technology subcontractors—each of whom provide unique and discreet IT solutions and technology support for equipment, delivery platforms, websites, communications, and more—MarCom’s IT general contractor CMP supports MarCom through a coordinated array of coverage that can handle virtually anything in IT.

How? This exact IT general contractor/specialized IT subcontractor network is precisely the business model employed by many leading Fortune 100 companies. Rather than employing a full-scale in-house technology department, most top global firms today work closely with a general IT contracting company and its affiliated service providers, each with expertise and experience in the key areas required for optimal technology specialization. For MarCom and its clients, this enables leverage of literally the best-of-the-best in the industry to rapidly scale support based on business needs.

Delivery Platforms

Leveraging this infrastructure, MarCom confidently and securely supports the delivery of both its value analysis models and its medical communication/education programs…with powerful, reliable IT services.

MarCom’s main web host partner for delivery platforms, Luria Digital, is based in Westchester. Its colocation partner, Another 9, features security including motion detectors, temperature, current and humidity sensors, air sniffer, and web and video surveillance. All doors are controlled by a card access system. While Another 9 maintains all of the network and bunker-quality facilities, Luria Digital manages its own web and database servers to guarantee reliability and performance, and additional redundant solutions are maintained to further support the platform.